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  How to access Virtual Meeting
How to access On-demand streaming
Virtual Meeting (WEB Conference) was successfully completed on Nov. 27.
  【On-demand streaming: Dec.8 (Wed.) ~ Dec. 24 (Fri.)】
  The meeting programs and some sponsored seminars can be viewed from the “WEB Conference” page during the above period.
  • Sponsored Seminar 2: On-demand not available
  • Sponsored Seminar 4: On-demand not available
  • Sponsored Seminar 5: On-demand available only from Dec.8 to 21 (18:00,JST)
  *The registration period is also extended.
  For Japanese doctor (日眼専門医 生涯教育事業の出席単位が必要な方):
オンデマンド配信視聴での単位取得は 12月8日(水)~12月14日(火)の1週間のみの視聴が単位の対象となります(1単位)。下記の「Web Conferenceページ上での会員番号登録のお願い」も必ずご確認ください。
日眼専門医 生涯教育事業の出席単位が必要な方へ
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