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The 14th Joint Meeting of Japan-China-Korea Ophthalmologists

Message from Secretary General


Dear friends and colleagues,

We are thrilled to announce the 14th Joint Meeting of Japanese-Chinese-Korean Ophthalmologists is planned to take place on November 27th, 2021 Saturday as a fully virtual meeting. In addition, on-demand session of this Joint Meeting will be available online December 7th (Tuesday) –24th (Friday), 2021.

Our Joint Meeting is held alternately in China, Japan, and Korea every year, upon joint efforts from the Chinese Ophthalmological Society (COS), the Japanese Ophthalmological Society (JOS) and the Korean Ophthalmological Society (KOS). It aims to promote mutual development in eye care through the exchange of new technologies, research and practice, as well as through the capacity building especially for young ophthalmologists.

Our Joint Meeting provides an international audience of ophthalmologists with:

–  A scientific program addressing all subspecialties while focusing on the regional characteristics of eye diseases in Asia.
–  High-quality involvement and experience for young ophthalmologists and participants.
–  The opportunity to network with recognized international leaders and professionals.

The year of 2020 is considered as a year of challenges and perseverance. Yet in the midst of uncertainty, we found ways to reconnect, learn, and network! Our Joint Meeting 2021 will showcase the latest and leading innovations and trends in ophthalmology in Asia and around the world.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Joint Meeting!

Professor He Wei, M.D., Ph.D.
Secretary General
Joint Meeting of Chinese-Japanese-Korean Ophthalmologists

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