The Combined Meeting: the 43rd JSSF & the 5th AIG Annual Meetings

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Abstract Submission Period

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Abstract Acceptance Notification

Please note that abstract acceptances, presentation style, and presentation dates will be decided by the Presidents of the Congress. Presenters will be notified of their abstract acceptance through E-mail.

Abstract Submission

You may submit your abstract through an online system. Please submit from the link below during submission period.

Items to select

1. Abstract Category

All presentations in the “English Session” will be in English. However, you are welcome to submit an English abstract for other sessions.

Abstract Category


Abstract/Presentation Language

1. Free Paper


2. English Session

Ankle instability


3. English Session

Sports injuries


4. English Session

Osteochondral lesion of the ankle


5. Rising Stars Session(partly open for general abstract submission)



6. Rising Stars Session(partly open for general abstract submission)

Let’s break down the wall between the basic science and the clinic


7. Rising Stars Session(partly open for general abstract submission)

State of the art of arthroscopic surgeries for foot and ankle disorders


8. Rising Stars Session(partly open for general abstract submission)

What is the evidence for the management of ankle fractures


9. Rising Stars Session(partly open for general abstract submission)

Dancer’s foot


10. Symposium(partly open for general abstract submission)

Pediatric foot


11. Symposium (partly open for general abstract submission)

Recent topics for the treatment of Rheumatoid foot


12. Symposium(partly open for general abstract submission)

Medical check for sports injuries of foot & ankle


13. Symposium(partly open for general abstract submission)

Plantar fasciitis


2. General Subject Category

Please choose from the following category.

[ General Subject Category ]

1. Diagnosis & basis science
1-1. Anatomy & biomechanics
1-2. Imaging & pathology
1-3. Ultrasonography
1-4. Others
2. Conservative treatment & peripheral management
2-1. Rehabiddtation
2-2. Shoes & orthoses
2-3. Foot care
2-4. Perioperative management (including DVT)
3. Inflammatory diseases & tumors
3-1. Rheumatoid feet
3-2. Rheumatic diseases (excluding RA)
3-3. Infection
3-4. Bone tumors
3-5. Soft tissue tumors
4. Juvenile foot diseases
4-1. Congenital clubfoot
4-2. Clubfoot (excluding congenital clubfoot)
4-3. Congenital foot deformities
  (excluding congenital clubfoot)
4-4. Tarsal coaddtion
4-5. Apophyseopathy
4-6. Others
5. Adult foot deformities
5-1. Paralytic foot
5-2. Flatfoot
  (including posterior tibial tendon dysfunction)
5-3. Hallux valgus
5-4. Forefoot deformities
  (excluding hallux valgus and hallux rigidus)
5-5. Nail disorders
5-7. Others
6. Osteoarthritis
6-1. Ankle osteoarthritis
6-2. Subtalar osteoarthritis
6-3. Hallux rigidus
6-4. Others
7-1. Ankle malleolar fractures
7-2. Pilon fractures
7-3. Talar fractures
7-4. Calcaneal fractures
7-5. Lisfranc injuries
  (including subtle injury)
7-6. Midfoot & forefoot injuries
  (excluding Lisfranc injuries)
7-7. Others
8. Tendon disorders (excluding PTTD)
8-1. Achilles tendon ruptures
8-2. Achilles tendinopathy
8-3. Peroneal tendon disorders
8-4. Plantar fasciitis
8-5. Others
9. Sports injuries
9-1. Medical check & preventions
9-2. Ankle lateral ddgament injuries
9-3. Ligament injuries
  (excluding ankle lateral ddgaments)
9-4. Osteochondral lesions
9-5. Anterior ankle impingement syndrome
9-6. Posterior ankle impingement syndrome
9-7. Stress fractures
9-8. Sesamoid & supernumerary bone disorders
9-9. Others
10. Peripheral nerve disorders
10-1. Morton disease
10-2. Tarsal tunnel syndrome
10-3. Others
11. Others

3. Presentation Style

Please select one of the following presentation styles.

  • 1) Oral Presentation
  • 2) Poster Presentation
  • 3) Whichever

4. Abstract Title

Your abstract title should be within 120 words.

5. Presenting author

The author must be the presenter and he/she may register up to 9 co-authors. In addition, a maximum of 10 affiliations is allowed for registration.

6. Abstract

Your abstract must be within 1600 words.

The structure of the abstract should contain the following in the adequate order: purpose, method, result, discussion, and conclusion. Works cited list is unnecessary.

Instructions for Abstract Submission

Abstract ID and Password

You will need the ID and password issued during abstract submission to check or revise your abstract. Please make sure to jot it down. Please note that we will not be answering any inquiries regarding abstract ID or password due to security reasons.

Abstract Modification/Deletion

You may modify or delete your abstract as many times as you want during abstract submission period. To modify/delete your abstract, you will need your abstract ID and password.

Confirmation E-mail

Once your abstract submission is completed, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. As such, please make sure to enter a valid e-mail address in the submission process. Should you not receive a confirmation e-mail within 1 week, please contact the Congress Secretariat (


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Privacy Policy

The online abstract submission system used in this Congress is managed by Kyorinsha. Your name and e-mail address will only be used by the Congress Secretariat to notify you of your abstract acceptance or to confirm matters. Additionally, your name, affiliation, abstract title, and abstract will solely be used for the Congress website or program. We guarantee that it will not be used for other purposes. We will take great responsibility in making sure none of the information we received during abstract submission will leak.

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