Information for Moderators and Speakers

Presentation Instructions for Speakers & Moderators

For Invited Speakers

(Invited Lectures, Luncheon Seminars, Symposia, Panel Discussions)

1. Language

Your presentation must be delivered in English. Please prepare all presentation materials in English.

2. Instructions for Presentations

Presentations must be prepared and performed with a PC. Please follow the instructions below in “Preparation for PC Presentations.”

For Free Paper Speakers

1. Language

Please deliver your presentation in English.

2. Presentation Time

If there is no requirement otherwise instructed, you will have 7 minutes for your presentation followed by 2 minutes of discussion. Please keep to your presentation time allotment.

3. Speaker Timer

Please pay attention to the speaker timer during your presentation. The yellow lamp is lighted when 1 minute remains and the red lamp is lighted when your time is up.

4. Seat for Next Speakers

Please be seated in the standby seat by 15 minutes before your presentation.

5. Instructions for Slide Preparation

Slide presentations must be prepared and performed with a PC. Please follow the instructions in “Preparation for PC Presentations.”

For Moderators

If you are a moderator and you have your PowerPoint slides, please visit the PC Preview Center by at least 30 min before the session begins. For more information, please refer to “Preparation for PC Presentations.” Please note that moderators in charge of Free Papers will not be able to use PowerPoint slides.

Preparation for PC Presentations

1. Equipment

A PC for your presentation will be prepared by the Secretariat. If your presentation does not include video or audio data, you can use the PC we prepare, in which Windows 7, Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 are installed. Please bring your presentation data which is compatible with following environments. If your presentation includes any video, audio data or data created using a Macintosh PC, please bring your own PC for your presentation.

2. Requirements for Presentation Data

  1. Version: Save your presentation as a Windows PowerPoint file, using the following versions.
    Windows: PowerPoint 2010/2013
    Data created using other versions may become garbled or cause other problems.
  2. Fonts: Use only the standard fonts pre-installed in Windows 7 (MS Mincho, MS Gothic, Meiryo, Times New Roman, and Arial are preferable).
  3. Note: Please name and save your presentation file with your allocated session code (e.g. Free Paper 1, 1st speaker: FP1-1). The session codes are described in the “Scientific Program” as well as in the “Abstracts”.
  4. Please bring your presentation data on CD-R or USB Flash Memory, as back-up.
  5. Format: You may use hybrid format (ISO9660) when you write the data on CD-R, but please do not use packet write or other systems.
  6. Please be sure that your presentation data is loadable from the CD-R or USB flash memory onto other PCs besides the PC used for preparing the data.
  7. Please note that the resolution of the projector prepared at the venue is XGA (1024×768).
    Higher resolution than this will not fit into the screen.

Schedule and Location of the PC Preview Center

Location 1F Lobby, Hamagin Hall “VIA MARE”
(See floor map on page 5)
Opening Hours October 27, 2016 October 28, 2016
8:45 - 18:00 8:15 - 17:00
  1. Please bring a CD-R or a USB flash memory on which your presentation data is saved to the PC Preview Center. Other types of media will not be accepted. Please follow the instructions above in “2. Requirements for Presentation Data” for preparation. Please make sure to visit the PC Preview Center by at least 30 min prior to the start time of your session to do a run-through and preview. Please refer to the scientific program on page 14-18 for your schedule.
  2. Our operators will be waiting for you at the PC Preview Center to assist you to preview your file on USB Flash Memory/CD-R (Microsoft PowerPoint Windows).
  3. Presenters are required to duplicate and upload their presentation data on the PC prepared at the PC Preview Center. After the data has been uploaded, please make sure to preview the data on the PC prepared at the Preview Center. Your USB Flash Memory/CD-R will be returned immediately. Your presentation data will be relayed to the computer in the respective venue where you are going to give your presentation. The data left in the PC will be deleted after the meeting is over.
  4. During the session, presenters will need to operate the PC prepared on the podium. TFT monitor, keyboard and mouse are available. If you have any questions, please visit the PC Preview Center.

Instructions for Using Your Own PC

If your presentation includes movies or sounds, or if your computer is a Macintosh, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Voltage: 100V A.C. /60 Hz
    Note: Please bring your own power adapter for the electrical outlet.
  2. Image resolution: XGA (1024×768)
    Note: Larger images will not fit the screen.
  3. PC compatibility: Windows 7, DOS/V or any Apple Power Macintosh, with D-sub 15-pin video output terminal

【D-sub 15-pin】

D-sub 15-pin video port must be installed in your PC. If your PC doesn’t have a D-sub 15-pin output interface, please bring your own adapter to connect to the D-sub 15-pin. Please bring your backup USB Flash Memory or CD-R containing Microsoft PowerPoint files in the case your PC is not compatible with the display device. The congress cannot accept any responsibility for trouble due to malfunction and/or disconnection.

  1. Please come to the PC Preview Center by at least 30 min prior to the starting time of your session for a runthrough and preview. Operators will be available to assist you.
  2. At the Venue: At 15 minutes before your session starts, please bring your PC to the PCDesk by the standby seat. On-site operators will assist you to connect your PC to the projector. Presenters will be asked to operate their own PC with equipment on the podium. TFT monitor, keyboard and mouse will be available during the presentation.
  • Please bring your AC power adaptor for the electrical outlet.
  • Please make sure that your PC is capable of outputting image data to an external display.
  • Please disable any energy-conserving functions (ex. Screen-savers, sleep/power-saving modes, etc.) and password settings to prevent sudden shutdown of your presentation.