Sponsorship Guideline

We are looking for companies that would like to apply.
If you like to receive the prospectus and application form, please send an email to the Congress secretariat.

List of Sponsorship

Sponsor Details Deadline
Sponsored Seminar Luncheon Seminar April 28th(Wed), 2021
Extended until
June 30th (Wed), 2021
Pitch Seminar June 30th (Wed), 2021
Extended until
July 30th (Fri), 2021
Equipment Exhibition Basic Block June 30th (Wed), 2021
Extended until
July 30th (Fri), 2021
Space Block
Program Advertisement Program Front 4
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Program Appendix
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Student Pamphlet Front 4
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Student Pamphlet Appendix
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Sponsoring Dr. Shinya Yamanaka’s Special Lecture August 31st (Tue), 2021
Donation for the 80th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Cancer Association
Banner Advertisement for Abstract App September 3rd (Fri), 2021

Luncheon Seminar Promotion

The First 10 minutes of the luncheon seminar can be used by companies to promote their products and services. This is a great way to reach out more directly to the researchers in attendance.

If you wish, the program committee will consult with you regarding the theme of the luncheon seminar and the selection of the chairperson and speakers.
The luncheon seminars can be held not only on-site, but also through video-recordings or live streaming from remote locations.

Pitch Seminar.

Pitch Seminar

A 10 minutes pitch seminar will be held on a special stage in the exhibition hall. The conteent of the seminar can be freely set, whether it is for researchers or companies.

The date and time of the pitch seminar will be decided on a first-come, first-served basis.
A discounted rate will be applied if you apply together with the exhibition.

Equipment Exhibition

The exhibition hall will be arranged in such a way as to attract as many visitors as possible to the equipemnt display area. We will divide the posters and equipment exhibits into different areas according to the field of expertise, and place the exhibits in the area according to your request.
Furthermore, if you wish we will broadcast a commercial video (1 commercial (20 seconds) per block) of your company’s products and services before the start of your desired session in the lecture hall.
In addition, you will be able to use the meeting space in the exhibition hall on a priority basis.

Equipment Exhibition

Sponsorship of Dr. Shinya Yamanaka's special lecture

We are pleased to announce that a special lecture by Dr. Shinya Yamanaka will be held at the Plenary on Friday, October 1st. The logo of the sponsoring company will be displayed on our website, on flyers distributed on the day of the event, and on the screen at the venue before the session begins.

Meeting Space

A meeting space will be set up in the exhibition hall for researchers with issues and companies with the most suitable technologies. One slot is 30 minutes and you may use the area free of charge.

Projecting company logos in Room 1

The companies with the highest total sponsorship amonts will have their logos projected in Room 1 during the breaks between sessions in order to appeal to the attendees.