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Self-Disclosure of Conflict of Interest (COI)

Conflict of interest (COI) in clinical research

Under a common policy concerning conflict of interest (hereinafter "COI") in clinical research and regulations concerning COI Policy in Clinical Research, all presenters and co-presenters are required to self-disclose any COI status including the COI status of the presenter's spouse (partner), immediate family (first of kin), or those who are residing in the presenter's household, and must describe the related commercial entities, foundation organizations, and any other groups related to the clinical research which aim to derive profit within the preceding year.

The first author and co-authors are all required to disclose their COI status when submitting abstracts.Please let all co-authors know that they are required to self-disclose their COI status. Co-authors who failed to disclose the status of COI will be excluded from the author list in their abstracts.

For more details, please refer to the regulations concerning COI Policy in Clinical Research.

How to disclose

First authors and co-authors will receive an email from us within one week from completion of abstract submission. Visit URL in the email or click the button below to start disclosure of COI.

Deadline : July 26 (Fri), 17:00 (JST)

After the abstract submission period has ended, you can start disclosure of COI.

Disclosure of COI during the presentation

Presenters are required to disclose their and co-authors' COI status during the presentation. Presenters shall disclose applicable COI status at the beginning of the slide presentation (or on a slide following the slide showing the title of presentation and name of presenters), or at the end of a poster



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