DAY 1:Friday, May 12, 2023

Special Lecture 1

Room1: 4F Hall C,10:10~10:40

Toward Total Healthcare for Gynecological Cancer Survivors

ChairDaisuke AokiKeio University

SpeakerMasahide OhmichiOsaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University

Symposium 1

Room1: 4F Hall C,13:20~16:20

Toward a New Era: Clinical Application of Personalized Medicine for Ovarian Cancer

Hiroaki KobayashiKagoshima University
Tanri ShiozawaShinshu University

1)Personalized Medicine Based on Molecular Biological Properties for Ovarian Clear Cell Carcinoma

SpeakerNozomu YanaiharaThe Jikei University School of Medicine

2)Shedding Light on the Tumor Microenvironment Developes Novel Therapies and Personalized Medicine for High-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer by Means of Artificial Inteligence

SpeakerRyusuke MurakamiKyoto University

3)Clinical Application of Liquid Biopsy with Comprehensive Gene Mutation Profiling of Ovarian Cancers and Novel Oncogenic Function of Cytoplasmic p53-aggregates in p53-mutated Ovarian Cancers

SpeakerNaoyuki IwahashiWakayama Medical University

4)Prospects for Data-Driven Personalized Medicine for Ovarian Cancer Based on Multi-Omicsanalysis Utilizing Composite Biobanks

SpeakerHideki TokunagaTohoku University

Overseas Invited Lecture 1

Room1: 4F Hall C,9:10~9:50

Aikou OkamotoThe Jikei University School of Medicine
Satoru SagaeTokeidai Memorial Hospital, Women’s Medical Center

1)Strengthening Global Resolve: Reproductive Rights as Human Rights

SpeakerJeanne A. ConryThe International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics, USA

2)Updating the FIGO Staging of Endometrial Cancer - The Challenge of Incorporating Molecular and Pathologic Features -

SpeakerJonathan S. BerekThe FIGO Women's Cancer Committee, USA

Overseas Invited Lecture 2

Room2: 7F Hall B7(1),9:00~9:30

Developmental Origin and Specification of Human Gonads and Adrenal Cortex

ChairNorihiro SuginoYamaguchi University

SpeakerKotaro SasakiUniversity of Pennsylvania, USA

Joint Conference JSOG-DGGG

Room8: 1F Hall D1,13:20~14:50

Session 1

Aikou OkamotoThe Jikei University School of Medicine/JSOG
Walther KuhnDONAUISAR-Klinikum/Academic Hospital of the University of Hannover, Germany/DGGG

1)Review:Prophylactic Bilateral Salpingo-oophorectomy in High Risk BRCA1/2 Positive Patients - The German perspective

SpeakerLisa M. WilhelmUniversity Hospital Frankfurt am Main, Germany/DGGG

2)Safety of Total Paracentesis in Patients with Malignant Ascites from Ovarian Cancer: Results from the prospective, randomised ATLANTIS-trial

SpeakerKlaus PietznerCharité-Universitäsmedizin Berlin, Germany/DGGG

3)Latest Review:Molecular Mechanisms and Future Treatment of Oxidative Stress and Endometriosis
- Related Infertility

SpeakerShotaro HayashiGifu Prefectural Tajimi Hospital/JSOG

Session 2

Hisashi MasuyamaOkayama University/JSOG
Werner LichteneggerCharité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany/DGGG

1)Current Practice in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy – Management of Early Onset-Preeclampsia in Obstetrical Emergency - Antihypertensive Therapy in Pregnancy: what is the best choice of therapeutic targets and medications?

SpeakerMaximilian PrussUniversity Hospital Düsseldorf, Germany/DGGG

2)History of Surgical Treatment for Pelvic Organ Prolapse: the current situation and future prospects in Japan

SpeakerShiho OideUrogynecology Center, Kameda Medical Center/JSOG

3)The Impact of Lifestyle on in vitro Fertilization Treatment Outcome

SpeakerYoko UrataThe University of Tokyo /JSOG

AOFOG Symposium

Room8: 1F Hall D1,15:00~16:30

Climate Change, Environmental Toxins and Reproductive Health

Pisake LumbiganonPresident, AOFOG/Khon Kaen University, Thailand
Kazunori OchiaiImmediate Past President, AOFOG/Shin-Yurigaoka General Hospital

Welcome Remarks

SpeakerPisake LumbiganonPresident, AOFOG/Khon Kaen University, Thailand

Introduction to AOFOG

SpeakerRohana HaththotuwaSecretary General, AOFOG, Sri Lanka

1)Climate Change and Us: An overview

Ravi ChandranPast President, AOFOG/Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur/FIGO Regional Trustee for Asia Oceania, Malaysia

2)Effects of Environmental Toxins on Reproductive Health

Ditas Cristina D. Decena University of Santo Tomas Hospital, Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society, and FIGO Committee on Climate Change and Toxic Environmental Exposure, Philippine

3)Impact of Climate Change, Environmental Toxins and Pollution on the AOFOG Region: What are we doing?

Krishnendu Gupta Deputy Secretary General, AOFOG, 2022 - 2024 /Viveknanda Institute of Medical Sciences, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

4)Emergency Preparedness for Obstetric Services in Natural Disaster in Japan

SpeakerJunichi SugawaraJSOG/Tohoku University


Rohana HaththotuwaSecretary General, AOFOG, Sri Lanka

Closing Remarks

SpeakerPisake LumbiganonPresident, AOFOG/Khon Kaen University, Thailand

DAY 2: Saturday, May 13, 2023

Presidential Lecture

Room1: 4F Hall C,10:10~10:50

Development and Prospects from Basic Research to Clinical Practice
~What I Have Learned from Reviewing Genetic Research and Clinical Trials for Ovarian Cancer~

ChairYutaka OsugaThe University of Tokyo

SpeakerAikou OkamotoThe Jikei University School of Medicine

Special Lecture 2

Room1: 4F Hall C,10:50~11:20

Front & Back of Sperm Immunology:Research on reproductive medicine that contributes to measures to address the declining birthrate, and development of immunological contraception methods promising for population control

ChairYukihiro TeradaAkita University

SpeakerHiroaki ShibaharaHyogo Medical University

Symposium 2

Room1: 4F Hall C,14:20~17:20

Molecular Basis of Abnormalities of Fetal-Placental Development and Function Using State-of-the-Art Approaches

Yoshimasa KameiSaitama Medical University
Eiji KondohKumamoto University

1)Suppressyn and Placental Trophoblast Formation: Elucidation of a molecular basis underlying disease pathogenesis in human pregnancy

SpeakerJun SugimotoHiroshima University

2)Establishment of Fetal and Placental Function Assessment Using Maternal Blood and its Clinical Significance

SpeakerYuri HasegawaNagasaki University

3)Genome and Epigenome Analysis of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Japanese Women

SpeakerYoshifumi KasugaKeio University

4)Molecular Mechanisms of Fetal Brain and Gut Development Focusing on the In utero Microenvironment

SpeakerMari IchinoseThe University of Tokyo

Overseas Invited Lecture 3

Room1: 4F Hall C,8:30~9:10

ChairYutaka OsugaThe University of Tokyo

1)The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists(RCOG) - How can it help you in your career in O&G?

SpeakerKate LancasterRCOG Chief Executive, UK

2)Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injuries(OASIS) - Diagnosis, Repair and Prevention

SpeakerRanee ThakarRCOG President, UK

Overseas Invited Lecture 4

Room2: 7F Hall B7(1),8:30~9:00

Fetal Surgery in Myelomeningocele

Haruhiko SagoNational Center for Child Health and Development
Alireza A. ShamshirsazHarvard Medical School, USA

KARL STORZ Endoscopy Japan K. K./MC Medical, Inc.

Overseas Invited Lecture 5

Room2: 7F Hall B7(1),9:00~9:40

Abnormally Invasive Placentation: A Comprehensive Update

ChairYoshiki KudoHiroshima University

Abdulla Al-KhanDivision of Maternal Fetal Medicine & Surgery,
Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine, USA

Presidential International Program 1

Room3: 7F Hall B7(2),8:30~10:00

Outstanding Surgical Intervention in Gynecologic Oncology

Hiroaki KobayashiKagoshima University
Kim Young-TakCHA global & Women's Hospital, Korea

1)Surgery in Advanced Ovarian Cancer: How to optimize surgery and to reduce morbidity?

SpeakerJalid SehouliCharité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany

2)Modern Management of Endometrial Cancer

SpeakerSven BeckerFrankfurt University Women’s Hospital, Frankfurt Goethe University, Germany

3)Open vs. Minimally Invasive Radical Hysterectomy in Early Cervical Cancer: LACC Trial Final Analysis

SpeakerPedro T. RamirezThe University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA

Presidential International Program 2

Room3: 7F Hall B7(2),14:20~15:50

Current Topics of International Clinical Trials in Gynecologic Oncology 1

Robert L. ColemanSarah Cannon Research Institute, USA
Kosei HasegawaSaitama Medical University International Medical Center

1)The Genome as Predictive Biomarker in Ovarian High Grade Serous Carcinoma

SpeakerIain A. McNeishDepartment of Surgery and Cancer, Imperial College London, UK

2)Endometrial Cancer

SpeakerNicoletta ColomboUniversity of Milan-Bicocca and European Intitute of Oncology, Italy

3)A Paradigm Shift in the Treatment of Cervical Cancer: The role of Immunotherapy

SpeakerAna OakninVall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology(VHIO) / Vall d'Hebron University Hospital, Spain

Presidential International Program 3

Room3: 7F Hall B7(2),16:10~17:40

Current Topics of International Clinical Trials in Gynecologic Oncology 2

Charlie GourleyUniversity of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK
Katsutoshi OdaThe University of Tokyo

1)Systemic Treatment of Newly Diagnosed Advanced Epithelial Ovarian Cancer: From chemotherapy to precision medicine

SpeakerIsabelle Ray-CoquardCentre Léon Bérard, France

2)Translational Research

SpeakerKathleen N. MooreStephenson Cancer Center at the Universitiy of Oklahoma, USA

3)The Role of Phase 2 Trials in the Era of Targeted Therapy

SpeakerMansoor R. MirzaRigshospitalet, Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark

International Workshop for Junior Fellows

Room5: 5F Hall B5(2),8:30~10:30

Hoon KimSeoul National University College of Medicine, Korea/KSOG
Takeshi NagamatsuInternational University of Health and Welfare, Narita Hospital/JSOG
Jian-Pei HuangMackay Memorial Hospital, Taiwan/TAOG
Hiroaki KomatsuTottori University/JSOG

Current Practice in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy?

Takayuki IriyamaThe University of Tokyo/JSOG
Maximilian PrussUniversity of Düsseldorf, Germany/DGGG
Ji Eun JungKyung Hee University Hospital, Korea/KSOG
Sau Xiong AngMackay Memorial Hospital, Taiwan/TAOG
Koun LinkaKhmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital, Cambodia/SCGO
Brenda NariceSheffield NHS Teaching Hospital and University of Sheffield, UK/RCOG
Shin HashiramotoUniversity of the Ryukyus/JSOG
Koko IshidaFukuoka University/JSOG

Reforming the Work Style of Obstetrics and Gynecology Physicians

Yosuke MatsumiyaUniversity of Oxford, UK/RCOG
Lisa M. WilhelmUniversity Hospital Frankfurt am Main, Germany/DGGG
Myungeun SongSeoul National University Hospital, Korea/KSOG
Yuchieh FangE-DA Hospital, Taiwan/TAOG
Yosuke MatsumiyaUniversity of Oxford, UK/RCOG
Ryuta MiyakeNara Medical University/JSOG
Emi SeoJuntendo University/JSOG

Genomic and Precision Medicine in Gynecological Cancers

Yusuke KobayashiKeio University/JSOG
Klaus PietznerCharité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany/DGGG
Kyunglim LeeYonsei University Hospital, Korea/KSOG
Yenhan WangNational Taiwan University Hospital, Taiwan/TAOG
Sarah L. SmythHealth Education England Thames Valley Trainee, UK/RCOG
Yoshihide InayamaKyoto University/JSOG
Mitsuko HiraiJuntendo University/JSOG