To Chairs and Speakers

As of March 13

Congress will be held on-site (in-person) and will broadcast most sessions as on-demand streaming.

On-site: May 12 (Fri.) – 14 (Sun.), 2023
On-demand streaming: May 12 (Fri.) – June 23 (Fri.), 2023

*There will be no live sessions on-line.

To Chairs

All chairs of oral sessions are requested to be seated at the Next Chair's seats located in the right front row 15 min. before the session starts.

To Oral Session Speakers

  • Speakers are requested to bring their presentation data(PPT)on USB Flash Drive, CD-R or their own PC to PC Preview Center(Lobby Gallery, B1F Glass Building, Tokyo International Forum)and to upload the presentation data at least 60 min. before the session starts.
    • If you use your own PC, please bring your power adaptor.
    • Speaker Tool displaying your manuscript on PC monitor at the podium is not available.
    • Speakers are requested to be seated at the Next Speaker’s seats located in the left front row 15 min. before the session starts.
    • Speakers for JSOG Congress Award Candidate and International Session Workshop are requested to stay in the room until the end of the session.
  • PC preview open hours

    Lobby Gallery, B1F Glass Building, Tokyo International Forum

    • May12 (Fri.) 7:30~16:40
    • May13 (Sat.) 7:30~18:00
    • May14 (Sun.) 7:30~15:00
  • Presentation time
    Session Presentation Q&A
    Overseas Invited Lecture 1 20min.  
    Overseas Invited Lecture 2 30min.  
    Overseas Invited Lecture 3 20min.  
    Overseas Invited Lecture 4 30min.  
    Overseas Invited Lecture 5 40min.  
    Joint Conference JSOG-DGGG 15min.(included Q&A)
    AOFOG Symposium 15min.  
    Presidential International Program 1,2,3 25min. 5min.
    International Workshop for Junior Fellows Allotted individually
    JSOG Congress Award Candidate 10min. 5min.
    International Session Workshop 7min. 3min.
  • Accepted application format is Windows PowerPoint 2010/2013/(2016)/2019
  • Recommended typefaces are Times New Roman, Arial, Arial Black, Arial Narrow, Century, Century Gothic, Courier, Courier New and Georgia. Please avoid special characters.
  • Please include the presentation number and speaker’s name in the file name.
    〔Presentation number_name. pptx〕
  • If you create your presentation using a Macintosh and/or moving images, please bring your own PC.
  • Slides must be made in (16:9(FHD(1920×1080))screen resolution.

To Poster Session Speakers

Speakers will be requested to give oral presentations using the presentation slides for online viewing submitted in advance.
Presentation data cannot be registered and replaced at the venue.
Please inform the Digital Poster reception desk at the poster venue of your arrival at least 15 minutes before the scheduled presentation time.
The monitor at the podium will display the presentation slides registered in advance. Please move from one slide to the next by yourself during your presentation.

Regarding Poster Data

  • Presentation and Q&A:Presentation 3min. Q&A 2min.
  • Data Format:PowerPoint (16:9(FHD(1920×1080))or PDF file
  • Data Limitations:No audio, video or animation
  • Data Size:No limit on the number of slide / max 500MB

Uploading Period

Noon, April 7 (Fri.), 2023 – Noon, April 27 (Thu.), 2023 *JST

Uploading system

*ID and Password to access the uploading system will be sent individually via e-mail by April 6(Thu.).
Please contact the Congress Secretariat if you do not receive the mail by then.

Disclosure of COI (Conflict of Interest)

All speakers are required to disclose any financial relationship (within the past 3 years) with a biotechnology manufacturer, a pharmaceutical company, or other commercial entity that has an interest in subject matter or materials discussed in the abstract.

*Please download the COI disclosure form.

[ Bylaws to the Research of Obstetrics and Gynecology Conflict of Interest Policy ]

  1. Employment / Leadership position / Advisory role (US$10,000 or more)
  2. Stock ownership (Profit of US$10,000 or more / ownership of 5% or more of total shares)
  3. Patent royalties/ Licensing fees (US$10,000 or more)
  4. Honoraria (e.g. lecture fees) (US$5,000 or more)
  5. Fees for promotional materials (e.g. manuscripts fee) (US$5,000 or more)
  6. Research funding (US$10,000 or more)
  7. Others (e.g. trips, travel, or gifts, which are not related to research) (US$500 or more)


JSOG Congress Awards will be given to a selected number of outstanding oral presentations at the "JSOG Congress Award Candidate".

Award Ceremony

Time and Date: 18:30-20:10, May 12 (Fri.)

Venue: Hall E (2), B2F, Tokyo International forum

JSOG Congress Encouragement Awards will be given to the presentations of "JSOG Congress Award Candidate", which aren't selected as JSOG Congress Award, and to a selected number of outstanding oral presentations at the "International Session Workshop".

Award Ceremony

Time and Date: 18:30-20:10, May 12 (Fri.)

Venue: Hall E (2), B2F, Tokyo International forum

Time and Date: 17:20-17:40, May 13 (Sat.)

Venue: Room 1 (Hall C, 4F, Tokyo International forum)