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Abstract Submittion Schedule

  • Abstract Submission Starts:
    April 1st, 2024 (Japan Standard Time)
  • Abstract Submission Deadline:
    May 31st, 2024 (Japan Standard Time)

    Deadline for Revision: June 14th, 2024 (Japan Standard Time)

    Final Deadline: July, 1st, 2024 (Japan Standard Time)

    Abstract Submission has been closed.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

Abstracts must be submitted via online registration system.

Title no more than 100 characters (Space included)
Abstracts no more than 800 characters (Space included)

*The results of the peer review will be announced in Mid-August.

We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge (Chromium) in case of Windows, or Google Chrome in case of Mac.
Depending on your computer software, you may not be able to submit your abstract. Please update your computer settings and try again.

The congress secretariat is not responsible for any errors made by the author.
Before the submission deadline, please make sure there are no errors in the submitted material.



Outline for Presentation

1. Presentation Form

- Oral presentation

- Poster presentation

2. Category

01 Biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, genome of fungi
02 Host-fungus interactions, immunology of fungal infection
03 Microbiome
04 Deap-seated fungal infection
05 Superficial fungal infection
06 Subcutaneous fungal infection
07 Malasseiza-related skin diseases
08 Veterinary fungal infection
09 Diagnosis
10 Antifungal agents
11 Other


It is necessary for the Presenting Author to disclose the status of COI whether there are conflicts of interest or not. Please confirm the sample slide formats from the button below.

Abstract Submission System

Please submit your abstracts from the button "Abstract Submission" below. Abstracts can be viewed, edited, and withdrawn through the “View/Edit” button until the abstract submission deadline.

Kindly note the password set by yourself for the registration and email are required for abstract submission and view/edit.

Abstract Submission View/Edit

Abstracts must be submitted via the online registration system. It is essentially required to complete your payment of registration before you submit your abstract.

However, it is possible to make the payment for registration after your abstract has been accepted. In this case, please be aware that you cannot submit your abstract without following the procedures below:

  • Please send an email to apsmm2024@congre.co.jp with your User No. (5 digits starting with 0), which you will be given after completing your User Registration, along with the reason why you are unable to make payment first.
  • The subject of the e-mail should be “APSMM 2024 Registration Request for Abstracts Submission”.
  • Please submit your abstract after receiving an email from the the Congress Secretariat for APSMM 2024.

Contact to

c/o Congrès Inc.

3-6-13 Awajimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
541-0047, Japan

E-mail: apsmm2024@congre.co.jp

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