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Dear friends and colleagues of Joint Meeting,

The first Joint Meeting of ESCHM-ISCH-ISB was held in Kraków, Poland, in 2018 with great success, friendship, and confirmation of eternal cooperation and mutual support among the three societies of European Society for Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation (ESCHM), International Society for Clinical Hemorheology (ISCH) and International Society of Biorheology (ISB). Individual society has its own tradition, history and background. Japanese Society of Biorheology was established by Prof. Syoten Oka in 1977 and contributed greatly to ISB. In fact, Japanese Society of Biorheology so far held the International Congress of Biorheology in 1981 and 1992 in Japan, i.e., this society hosted the 4th and the 8th International Congress of Biorheology chaired by Prof. Eiichi Fukada in Tokyo (1981) and by Prof. Yukihide Isogai in Yokohama (1992), respectively. It should be noted that the Poiseuille Medal of the International Congress of Biorheology was awarded to the three distinguished Japanese biorheologists, i.e., Prof. Syoten Oka, Prof. Eiichi Fukada, and Prof. Yukihide Isogai at the 1st, 9th and 15th International Congress of Biorheology held in Israel (1975), in the USA (1995) and in China (2005), respectively. We look forward to enjoying the photo gallery of mainly the 8th International Congress of Biorheology held in Yokohama, 1992, and some other satellite symposia and meetings. Many distinguished scientists are present in the photographs, i.e., Dr. Copley, Dr. Whitmore, Dr. Mason, Dr. Dintenfass, Dr. Wayland, Dr. Zweifach, Dr. Liepsch, Dr. Silberberg, and more! These photographs were donated to the Japanese Society of Biorheology by Prof. Akiko Higuchi, a scholar of English literature and a daughter of Prof. Syoten Oka. The same panels were exhibited in the XXVII Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Society of Thrombosis and Hemostasis (ISTH) held in Melbourne, 2019, as an introduction of the Japanese Society of Biorheology.

Praying your health in pandemic,
Toru Maruyama  
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