Website for Meeting Program​  
1. Access to the online meeting site
Online meeting site
2. Login the site with your ID and password
3. To participate live or on-demand programs, click timetable and select a program
4. You can view program details, abstract and on-demand programs from “Program”.
[Guideline for live participants]
I. Network
1) Internet connection and network settings
- We highly recommend LAN (wired-connection) for connection stability.
- Wi-Fi may be used but does not guarantee stable.
- To access ZOOM from an institutional portal, ensure the network is available by contacting the administrative office in advance.
~ To First Time ZOOM User ~
2) Install the Zoom application
  If you’re the first time user, download and install the ZOOM Meeting application in advance.
We recommend a test run of the ZOOM Meeting and become familiar with its system in advance of the actual conference to ensure LAN connection, audio and visual settings are functioning properly and you become comfortable with terms used on the screen.
Ⅱ. Live programs
Live programs will be streamed by Zoom Webinar.
1) Entering the room
  Click the link of a session on the timetable. ​
To exit or join another session, click on “Leave Meeting” first and enter another session room.
2) Q&A
  To post questions click on the lower right “Q&A” box. Type your questions in the pop-up window then click on “Send” box. ​
Please note that all questions cannot be answered during the sessions.
[Guideline for viewing on-demand programs]
1 Click sessions and select a program from the session list
2 You can view an abstract by clicking each presentation title​
3 To view a video and ePoster, press the “Play” button on each video.​
4 Resolution of video/ePoster can be adjusted by setting
5 You can post a question in “Comment” of each presentation​
[Abstract and Program]
You can view and download from "Download PDF for print"
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